Life in a networked society = not being able to attend your first ever exhibition installation because it’s on the other side of the world.

Trunk – a beta version of a personalised tree chatbot that I’m developing was included in the Rules To Play By exhibition in America, running from Sept 14 – 19, 2019 as part of the Pixel Pop Festival in St Louis, USA. (So yeah, I felt fabulously cosmopolitan when it opened).

Trunk is a voice activated version of TxtTrunk, a text based chatbot for social media.  For the exhibition I made the interaction pathway more linear (to prompt a rules based happening) and voice activated, presented using google home.

Just Do This

This is an excerpt from the script…

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about how to play with trees now is your chance, just ask google assistant …

  1. Say OK Google, Talk with Text Trunk
  2. Not sure what to say to a tree? Just ask these questions

OK Google, What does a tree eat for breakfast?

OK Google, What did the tree say to the moon?

OK Google, How do you make a trunk call?

OK Google: Can you touch the sky from the top of a Tall Tree?  And can you get down again?

OK Google, What sort of friend is a tree?

OK Google, How can I learn more about trees?

Note : And if you see a tall tree what do you say? (hint: just ask google assistant)

  1. Finally, just do this…hug trees

You know the drill.  Do it with your arms wide open.


Voice activation chatbots are becoming more popular, but for my purposes the monotone voice doesn’t sit well with the organic characterisation I want to give Trunk.

For that reason, I’ve since decided to design TxtTrunk for text based social media channels.