When artist Judith Ubick found an old, nameless trunk abandoned in an alleyway she caught her breath.

That trunk was full of family photos and christening robes, the sort of memorabilia it can take a lifetime to collect. Faced with the anonymous legacy, Judith vowed to make tangible mementos for her children to keep and share with their own children and grandchildren.

Judith’s legacy is highlighted by journeys. In 1998 she attended a Journalling For Travellers class in Mexico and loved it so much that she returned to take that same class five years in a row.

Now she teaches journalling herself and never leaves home without her art kit. Each new journal is prepared at least a month ahead of her departure date, long before she thinks about clothes, passports or any of her other travel accessories. As a result, each and every day of her travels is enriched, as well as documented by art.

As Judith says – “Everybody can do it!” For added inspiration she shared one of her exquisite mementos with me, a temple book of her latest trip to Scotland and Iceland.