Chilli Kippen is an Australian travel journalist turned travel novelist.  She shares her experiences writing across fiction and faction.

Prior to writing novels, Chilli wrote travel features for Australian magazines. In these video interviews she shares stories from her press career, including how it all began.


After first turning down a low paid journalism cadetship, Chilli eventually relented and approached a magazine editor for a job. What happened next re-set the course of her professional life.

Chilli Kippen was born in Great Britain and travelled through 52 countries before finally making Australia her home. She was widely read as a features and travel writer for major magazines including Vogue and New York Times magazines before turning her hand to writing comedy. She has made documentary films and written feature films in Hollywood and Australia. The Captain Loves Caviar features the debut of Pushkin Goldfarb,a New York jewish gambler who hates sunlight and is the first of a series of Goldfarb adventures she plans to write.

This interview was filmed on a mobile phone – it’s amazing who you meet when you’re out and about with just your trusty mobile on hand.